Shetland Radiator Repairs (previously trading as R&D Garrick).

This website is currently in a development stage - hence why there's not much on it yet, and why it looks so basic!

"Shetland Radiator Repairs" was previously trading under the name "R&D Garrick". It is still trading from the same address, and has the same phone number, but is under new ownership, from 15th Jan 2014. The service we provide is unchanged.

Note that our bank details changed when we bought the business, so if you pay by BACS, please contact us to get the new account details. Cheques payable to "Shetland Radiator Repairs".

You can find us at 5a Gremista Industrial Estate, Lerwick, Shetland ZE1 0QB.

We recondition and renew old industrial radiators, to turn them out 'like new'. Usually, this involves ordering a brand-new 'core' to replace the old one with. The core is the big central section with coolant fins, where the water circulates to cool down.

Typical radiators we replace and re-core are for commercial / industrial vehicles and plant, such as generators, lorries, vans, tractors, boats, diggers, forklifts, dumpers etc. Our customers are generally businesses and municipal organisations.

For cars, it usually works out cheaper to simply order in a new radiator. We can order in a broad range of car radiators at good prices, which ship within approx 3 to 7 days. Contact us for details. We will re-core classic car radiators if it isn't possible to source a complete new replacement cheaper.

We also have a limited number of car & pickup radiators in stock, some of these vintage, and in new condition. If your model is on this list, you won't have to wait for us to order it in.

Each radiator that comes in is almost always a fairly unique size and type, so we order each core individually to suit. These cores have to be shipped in from our suppliers on the mainland. So, it usually takes at least a week to re-core your radiator.

The price of a 'like new' re-cored radiator will vary dramatically depending on the size and type of the radiator. For the bigger radiators, it usually works out to be little more than half the price of a brand-new one. For the smaller ones, it sometimes works out cheaper to simply order a new radiator. We can supply a broad range of new radiators and will always work out which option will be cheaper for you, before ordering.

Please ensure before you take your radiator to our workshop that it has been thoroughly cleaned of oil and debris, cleaning is chargeable.

Radiators are pressure-tested in a large water-tank prior to leaving our workshop, to ensure that they're 100% 'tight'.

To arrange renewal or repair of your radiators, phone either Trevor or Peter, on 01595 696888. Or, email

We have a number of older radiators in stock which are still available for sale, at a discount rate. Click here to see list.

Note that we also own the other business operating out of 5a Gremista Industrial Estate, "Shetland Grasscutting".