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You can get an immediate cost estimate for cutting your grass area, via the LawnCalc application. The process for using LawnCalc is as follows:

  • Input the size and various other charactertistics of the area to be cut into LawnCalc.
  • LawnCalc gives you an estimate based on the information you provide (please note that mulching clippings is considerably cheaper than choosing to have them taken away).
  • If you're happy with the estimate, you then submit your contact details.
  • We receive your request from LawnCalc, and will get in touch with you to confirm that we intend to come and cut your grass.

By using LawnCalc, you get your estimate immediately, instead of having to wait for someone to visit your site! So, it means we can get straight on with the work as soon as we're next in your area. Otherwise, you'd have to wait for us to cost the job, and then we'd have to wait for you to approve the cost, and then you'd have to wait again for us to return to your area to do the work... all of which can unfortunately result in significant delay.

If LawnCalc isn't suitable for your needs, you will find various other information on costs, below.

All prices are exclusive of VAT, and are subject to the addition of VAT (reg. no. 978 3672 58).


  • Most of our workload consists of commercial and municipal contracts.
  • Special bulk-discounted commercial rates available.
  • Reliable, quality service.
  • Contact us to discuss your needs.


The tables below are indicative of very approximate costs only, so we strongly suggest you use LawnCalc to get a more accurate estimate.

  • Note that if you're happy for us to scatter the clippings, this will minimise your spend. Or if you have a compost heap onsite, this can also reduce costs considerably by eliminating disposal charges.
Approx cost / cut
Approx cost / m2
Approx £/season
Small (5m2 - 100m2)
£10.00 - £17.00
10p - 30p
£120 - £200
Medium (100m2 - 300m2)
£15.00 - £30.00
8p - 10p
£180 - £350
Large (300m2 - 1500m2)
£25.00 - £90.00
£300 - £1000

The examples below are based on taking it "to the bone" and removing the clippings.
If you just want a cosmetic skim-over and the clippings scattered, it will be much cheaper.
Length of time since previously cut
Approx cost / m2
Approx cost
Small, 50m2
Most of a summer, fresh growth
Small, 100m2
Two months' fresh growth
Medium, 150m2
Two years, old matted growth
Medium, 300m2
Two months' fresh growth
Large, 400m2
One whole summer's growth
Large, 1000m2
Most of a summer, fresh growth

Based on regular cuts to fresh growth, assuming all sections are within easy reach.
For hard-pruning, or diffult-to-reach (tall?) hedges, multiply costs by 2 - 3.
Approx cost / m
Approx cost / cut
Approx £/season (no. of cuts 1-3)
Small (5m - 10m)
£1.00 - £2.00
£10.00 - £20.00
£10 - £60
Medium (10m - 20m)
£1.00 - £1.50
£15.00 - £30.00
£30 - £100
Large (20m - 100m)
£0.65 - £1.00
£20.00 - £70.00
£100 - £210


  • Dayworks: We like to provide clients with a firm quote or near estimate before work begins. However, if you want us to go ahead with work without first receiving a quote or estimate, we can assure you of a fair and competitive rate.
  • Factors involved in determining a price: When we provide you with a quotation, the following will be included:
    Tipping charges: Disposing of arisings at Rova Head takes up an hour of each crews‘ time each day, and unfortunately we have to pass these costs on to the customer. If you have a compost heap or if you are happy for us to scatter the clippings, this will reduce your bill.
    Time: Prices are based on the total number of man-hours we think a job will involve. Rates depend on the size of crew, skill levels of the operatives, tasks being carried out and machinery used.
    Travel: If we have to travel a considerable distance out of our way, this will incur additional charges. However, our work already takes us to most corners of Shetland, so travel charges are usually fairly minimal. We often provide you with contact details for other companies operating in your area, so that you can obtain comparative quotations.